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Method of Delivery.

1. Have Delivery Charge?

The company doesn’t charge for new shipping. Except for the customers want to change or return. Customers will have to pay the money itself and shipping back to the company.

2. The status that received product but I didn’t receive it?

Please contact Call center 02-105-4638 to 0. To coordinate again.

3. What precautions before signing a receipt.

1. Check the condition of the product successfully. (Example: defective or damaged etc.)

2. If there is a signature product. (Whether a customer's signature or the signature of another) Thisshop has already been confirmed. The customer will not be able to cancel your order and will not send again.

3. If customers want to change / return. Will not be responsible for any shipping

4. If you have any questions about the product received. Please contact: Call center 02-105-4638 to 0

4. Can open the parcel before signing a receipt?

Customers can open the package to determine whether or not a receipt. If not correct, can return with the authorities or Contact Call center 02-105-4638 to 0

5. When I'm not getting the product, what should I do?

1. If the customer is unable to pick up the product.

Please contact: or Call center 02-105-4638 to 0

To change the date / time to get the product again.

2. Officer will confirm receipt with the exact location before delivery. If in case the customers inconvenience the pickup. Can tell the owner delivers the convenient space but consideration of the authorities once again that it can ship or pickup and another date again.

3. The customer can request the other person to receive the product instead. (If customers do not get it) Please contact: Call center 02-105-4638 to 0 Provide the number purchase order. The name, phone number of the receiver. The receiver instead shows ID card to the sender.

4. When the receiver instead to place. The shipper will contact customers who made a purchase to identify and confirm the ship has been completed and signed.

6. Edit address or telephone number of delivery.

1. If you haven't already ordered list. Customers can edit the telephone number and shipping address.

2. If the customer order is then. Please contact: E-mail or Call center 02-105-4638 to 0

7. There are no shipping information.

If I paid but the shipment status no data or information is not updated. Please wait 1 day. If passed 1 day. Then the information is not up. Please contact: Call center 02-105-4638 to 0

8. How can check the status of delivery.

You can check the status of my order.

9. The period of delivery.

Pending delivery within 2-3 business days (excluding Saturday - Sunday and public holidays) from the date of payment.